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1957 Vespa Allstate Cruisaire VA8T 125cc Scooter & Sidecar

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Absolutely stunning, no doubt the finest original vintage scooter I have ever seen in person!

1957 Vespa Allstate Cruisaire VA8T 125cc Scooter & Sidecar

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This scooter is available for movie, television, commercials, publicity and other media and broadcast production.  I worked in television and movies for years, and I am intimately familiar with the industry.  Logistic costs are likely free, and otherwise based on location, type of production, production days and number of scooters utilized.  Rental costs are based on the same criteria but tend to work out at around $270/day.

There are 12 scooters available, and each is period-accurate, and perhaps among the finest examples that exist, representing the most rare and sought after scooters from their period.  The scooters are common to their era, representing European and American transportation standards of the 1950s and 1960s very well.

This Allstate scooter is part of the second series, produced from 1955-1957. This scooter has the original title from 1957! It is the 3rd model in the second series (*92). This series differs from the first in a few ways, the most evident being the headset, which now incorporates a larger headlight housing to accommodate a speedometer. On the showroom floor, the scooter came with a blank over the speedometer hole. The scooter also has a full engine cowl, rather than the half cowl from the first series. Other less noticeable differences are the larger tail light, the different rear rack ("V"-pattern rather than the "X" pattern), a larger diameter headlight and bezel, 5 aluminum floor rails instead of 7, different levers, and often the addition of the "Cruisaire" tag on the inside right leg shield. It seems the carb is different on this model, and the airbox as well, but just barely.

Models for this range are VA6T, VA7T and VA8T.  All are 125, and comparable to the VL1, VL2 and VL3 Vespa scooter.  The sidecar is called the "Cruisaire Sidecar" by enthusiasts, to differentiate it from others.  There were at least two different sidecars made by Meyers Aircraft for the Allstate Scooter sold by Sears, the first being the Cruisaire.  You can distinguish the Cruisaire by the mudguard step and teardrop shape.  I believe the windscreen is also characteristic of this model, but I am not sure on that (mine is missing the plexiglass, but the trim for it is intact).  It is likely that subtle changes were made to the sidecars on occasion. For instance, the first models has a two-piece conection to the scooter, while the later version of the same model, has a three-piece connection, which includes a bridge piece that connects the sidecar frame, and the scooter mount.  The 1957 year included the 3 piece frame.  I have an earlier serial model that has the two-piece.  It is possible the earlier model did not have the windscreen as well.  I have examined two of the early models, one was original, and one was "restored" and neither had the windshield mount installed.

In selling off my collection, I was pretty heartbroken about a 1957 Allstate that I sold. It was nice, I mean, the kind you dream about finding in a barn (which is where I found it). Anyway, this scooter, is actually better, I mean, way better. It is absolutely stunning, original, with all the accessories...everything you could get from the dealer! Front original rack (yes, the Allstate rack), original windshield, original seat grab, original buddy seat, original speedometer, as well as some original mirrors. It has just under 7K miles, a bit dirty with a smallest amount of surface rust, but it is beautiful. I don't even like this series that much, but they are awesome in original condition, and this one stops people in their tracks. It came with an original manual, the original tags on the handlebar, an aftermarket manual covering the entire first and second series (at first I scoffed at it, but it is the coolest Allstate manual I have, and I have never seen one before. It has the original tool kit that appears complete. I should note that it differs from what is listed in the manual, but this is the 3rd 2nd series Allstate I have found with the same tools, so I think things changed after the manual was produced. It even has a driving diary the original owner kept, the installation sheet for the accessory windscreen, the original key with an amazing little charm of the original license plate (holy crap!) and an unsused spare key. Oh, and I have not seen a single rust spot on the sidecar.

So it seems important to talk a little about the original owner I bought this from. Technically, I bought it from his son in an estate sale. He told me his father was a doctor, and he remembers as a little kid going to work with his dad in the sidecar. He spoke of fond memories, and so when I started peeling through all the personal stuff with it, the scooter became an instant treasure. The scooter was put away some time in the early 60s, and it remained indoors and un-ridden ever since! The package was scattered in different places...the sidecar in the attic, the manuals in filing cabinets, the keys...somewhere, the connecting arm, across the house is storage, and I think the scooter was still in the garage covered up. Over a few weeks, everything was located, and amazingly, it appears to be everything he walked away from the scooter store with on the day he bought the scooter. Anyway, just a beautiful vintage scooter, and the one I have always dreamed of finding. Pictures coming shortly.

Additional Information

Make Allstate
Model VA8T
Type Series Two ('55-'57)
Capacity (cc) 125
Paint Seafoam Green (Original)
Availability Reference Only

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